My First Blog, Bonsai and Wine

I’ve been meaning to start my blog for quite a while and finally decided the time is now. My recent book, about creating and growing bonsai that bear an edible crop, Bountiful Bonsai, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most local bookstores. After 2 gardening books about bonsai, I’m switching gears a little to write about one of my major hobbies, home winemaking which I did introduce as part of Bountiful Bonsai. I’m about to sign a deal with Storey Publishing to write and publish the book Craft Wines. I will also write about my other interests including rock collecting, fishing, hunting, wildflowers and nature in general. Soon I will also publish an e-book version of my first book, Herbal Bonsai and a collection of philosophical essays titled, Hunting the Wild Quantum: The Adventures of a Hillbilly Savant.

I have a 200 case wine cellar going back to 1986 with 137 different wines, only 3 from grapes and several vintages of many of those wines. In particular, I’ve made blueberry wine 10 years in a row. The most memorable of which is a vintage I named Blueberry Bride. My then fiancĂ©, Cathy, stomped those blueberries the week we got engaged and we then served that wine at our wedding reception. My most recent wine is Chamomile, in glass for secondary fermentation and a banana wine currently in primary fermentation. I have several vintages planned to start this fall, including some with hot peppers I am growing in the garden. Stay tuned for updates about my winemaking activities.